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Surgery Admission Information

Admission Information

Hospital Admission

Once you have made the decision to undergo surgery the staff at Ear Science Surgery will coordinate and arrange your admission.  You will receive an admission confirmation email followed by your admission information pack at least 2-4 weeks prior to your admission date, which will include pre and post-operative information, the hospital admission and consent form and surgical estimate.

A few days prior to your admission the hospital will contact you to verbally confirm all of your admission details.

Surgeon’s Fee Estimate

Ear Science Surgery provides informed financial consent for patients undergoing a surgical procedure. An estimate of your surgeon’s fee will be provided to you prior to your admission. Unless otherwise stated, it will not cover services provided by other doctors, or other costs associated with your stay in the hospital, such as accommodation, pathology, radiology, pharmacy or physiotherapy.  As with any medical procedure, if unforeseen circumstances should arise during surgery it may be necessary to arrange additional medical services, or use a different or more costly prosthetic device. If this happens there may be additional costs to you that are not covered by the estimate. 

You are required to sign and return the estimate to our office prior to your admission. 

If you have any questions regarding hospitalisation you can find further information at:

St John of God Hospital, Subiaco: 

Subiaco Private Hospital:

If you have any questions regarding the surgical fees provided please contact the office staff before your admission.

Private Health Insurance and Informed Financial Consent

The surgeons at Ear Science Surgery are not ‘No Gap’ providers and in most cases a gap fee will be applicable over and above the benefit received from Medicare and your Health Fund.  This gap payment is shown on your estimate and is payable at your first post-operative appointment (7-10 days after discharge).

Please contact your health fund prior to surgery to ensure that your procedure is covered in your policy.

Further information about Medicare and Private Health insurance can be found at:

Further information regarding informed financial consent and medical gap fee can be found at:

Please email the office if you require any further information regarding your admission process.

What is the Difference Between Admission as a Private or Public Patient?

Our surgeons perform surgery for those patients with private insurance (private patients) and those covered by Medicare only (public patients).

For patients with private insurance, you surgeon performs the operation. For patients with Medicare cover only and who elect to have their surgery in the public hospital system as a public patient, your preferred surgeon may not perform the operation but may supervise surgeons-in-training during surgery. As a public patient you are unable to choose your treating doctor.

Self Funded Patients

If you have no health insurance you can still elect to be a private patient and cover all costs yourself. Costs involved include:

  • The Surgical fee – a quote can be provided on request. Medicare may refund some of this fee.
  • The Anaesthetist fee – a quote can be provided by the anaesthetist on request. Medicare refunds some of this fee.
  • The Hospital fee – a quote is provided by the hospital to include accommodation charges, theatre fees, fees for hospital doctors and a ‘miscellaneous’ fee to cover unexpected costs. Fees are required to be paid on admission. Medicare does not refund any of these fees.

If you would like to consider admission as a self-funded patient, please contact our office for further information.

Our surgeons have admitting rights and performs surgery at the following hospitals:

St John of God Hospital
12 Salvado Road
Subiaco WA 6008

Subiaco Private Hospital
Suite 9, Ground Floor
1 Salvado Road
Subiaco WA 6008

Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Hospital Avenue
Nedlands WA 6009